Age Repair

This repairing and anti-ageing facial works with natural oils of inca inchi and larch extract which stimulate collagen formation to deliver fi rm and tightened skin, whilst the antiinfl ammatory properties of pomegranate and rosehip seed oil work on slowing down the effects of ageing skin.

Age Repair

Dedicated Time: 80 minutes
Price: £89.00
Course Dedicated Time: Course of 3
Price: £252.00

True to Aromatherapy Associates' skincare philosophy, your skin is prepared by cleansing and exfoliating with jojoba beads or corncob granules. It is then massaged using apple seed extract, raspberry seed oil and date palm oil which are renowned for their cell renewal and anti-oxidant effects. Two masks are applied, a rose gel to hydrate, and an intense strawberry seed and frankincense mask to fi rm and plump. Whilst the masks take affect, the eye area is taken care of with a lymphatic massage to improve skin suppleness and elasticity.

For ultimate luxury your scalp is massaged to release stress and tension.

A course of 3 £252

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