Intense Nourishment Body Treatment

Nourish body and soul with this luxurious treatment designed to rejuvenate dry, out of condition skin.
The sensuous fragrance of exotic flowers such as fresh tuberose, seductive ylang ylang and rich vanilla bring their calming properties to this treatment.

Intense Nourishment Body Treatment

Dedicated Time: 90 minutes
Price: £100.00

An intensive salt and coffee body exfoliation stimulates the circulation and sloughs off dead cells to revive dull tired looking skin. Hands and feet are given special attention with the application of rich Vitamin E oil to cuticles and heels and a freshwater mud mask to truly soften and condition the skin. Your body is layered in hydrating and mineralising marine algae and is then massaged Swedish style with a blend of four highly nourishing plant oils. Skin is then protected with velvety moisturising body butter. Finally a scalp massage dissolves tension and stress so that mind and body are nourished and rejuvenated.

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